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1. Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, minimum purchase is $3.000.00.

2. How much is the shipping cost?

In mexico  the shipping cost varies depends on the destination place,

3. How do I make a payment?

We only receive payments by Transfer  or money orden, or cash

4. How long does my order takes to arrive?

Delivery normally takes between 5-7 business days from the time of order but can vary depending on the final destination.

5. What do I need to register?

When you register you'll be asked to enter your personal information, such us name, address, phone number, e mail address and you'll have to create a password, which you will enter every time you want to log in to your account.

6. What can I do if I forget my password or I have trouble loging in to my account?

When you are trying to log in click on the forgot your password? and simply enter your e mail address, then you will be sent a new temporary password to your e mail, then just copy and paste that new password in to  

.com or if you want you may also re send that new password to and we will send you a new password.

7. How can I do an order outside the mexico?

For orders outside the mexico, just write to us at and we will gladly give you more information about this.

8. How do I get any discounts?

Just send the word coupon to

9. How long will my coupon expire?

Coupons expire in 30 days



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